March 4, 2024

Rob Hallam

Ubique Solutions Managing Director

Ubique Solutions was founded in Dubai, by Rob Hallam, in order to fill the void of a qualified and capable mine action QA/QC entity capable of servicing the demanding and vital reconstruction efforts in today’s Iraq.

Rob Hallam is a senior commercial mine action industry expert who has spent over ten years deployed as an expatriate, working hands on at all levels from Technical Advisor to Country Manager.

Rob has been reponsible for delivering multiple high value/profile commercial mine action contracts in post conflict challenging environments such as Mozambique, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and most recently Iraq.

Clients that Rob has worked for include the UN, US DoS, Foreign Government departments, leading construction companies and in particular leading Oil & Gas/Seismic organisations . He has experience of directly and personally advising and reporting to these clients at all levels, from field based indigenous operational managers through to US Ambassador.

Prior to working in the civilian mine action industry Rob served 16 years in the British Army spending his time, amongst other roles, with Commando Forces and as a recruit Instructor. He completed his service in the role of an operational Bomb Disposal Officer deployed to Bosnia.

Rob is a hands on manager who has a proven track record of working personally with his clients in order to mutually identify needs and solutions that ensure operational certainty, safety, contractual/international standards compliance and cost effectiveness.

His extensive experience at all levels of mine action and in particular with preparation of, response to, and delivery of competitive, time critical mine action projects places him in a position to assist in a manner that is rarely available from the extremely small community of commercial mine action professionals.

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